I completed my apprenticeship at the Duke of York’s Theatre in London (2017). I was there for a year and spent my time going between carpentry and electrics. Over the year I was given a really good grounding in just about every aspect of technical theatre, counterweight flying, followspotting, rigging, hemp flying, board opping to name just a few. I was completely new to working in theatre but it didn’t matter as I was taught everything I needed, even how to use tools properly. I was really encouraged to ask questions and was never made to feel stupid for not knowing something.

Picking a favourite part would be impossible as the whole year was fantastic, I’ve been given so many opportunities, like working on some of the best shows in the West End at the time and with leading industry professionals, I was given the chance to work in other theatres, and had backstage tours around some of the most prestigious venues in London. The contacts I made during my apprenticeship have helped me find work since leaving the Dukes and has consequently lead on to a full time technician job in another ATG venue.

Before applying you need to know that what you put into the apprenticeship is what you get out of it, if you throw yourself in completely and learn everything you can, being eager and enthusiastic, you’ll get a lot more out of it than if you go through doing the minimal coursework needed to pass! This apprenticeship was such an amazing opportunity as I dove head first into the industry, something that going to university wouldn’t have given me.