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Before applying, there’s some key aspects of our apprenticeship you should think about to help decide if it is for you.

Relocation. The first year of the apprenticeship is spent in one theatre, and the second year based in another. Depending on where you live, you may need to move house half way through. We will support you with this including relocation payments, but you’ll need to think about whether you would be happy to move home.

Working Hours. Theatre Technicians work varying hours every week depending on what show or event they are working on. You could be doing maintenance during the day one week, a different one-nighter every evening the next week and then 8 shows of the same production the week after. Our technicians regularly work late including some shifts well into the night for get outs. You’ll need to consider if that sounds like something you’d be happy doing, especially if your friends and family work very different hours to you.  

Transport. If you’re finishing work late at night, you’ll need to think about how you’re getting to and from work. When you know which theatres you want to apply to, you’ll need to plan how you’ll travel and if that will work if you finish at an unusual time of day, how long it will take as well as how much it will cost you. We don’t recommend you take on a long and expensive commute as it will put a lot of additional pressure on you.

Organisation. Keeping on top of your coursework during the apprenticeship is essential; you cannot complete the apprenticeship without it. You’ll need to be committed to every aspect of the apprenticeship, do your best at all tasks and keep to your deadlines. This will include keeping a portfolio of your work, keeping in regular contact with your college tutor and working with your ATG manager to ensure you’re learning the right things.