This scheme, alongside many other graduate programmes out there, is designed to be an intense opportunity to learn and will be a real challenge for the appointed trainees. There are some aspects of the scheme you should consider before applying that will help you decide if this scheme will suit you.

Focus. The scheme is focused on managing venues – the people, finances, buildings and activities. This isn’t an opportunity to develop as a specialist in one discipline such as marketing or production, but a chance to learn about the whole business and develop broad skills as a manager and business leader. Consider the difference between specialist and generalist roles and where you see yourself going. Many of our venue managers worked their way up in a specialist role before moving to leading a theatre and that’s an equally valuable career.

Relocation. Trainees could move home up to four times over two years, and some projects may involve frequent national travel. You may be living away from your friends and family. You’ll learn a lot in return, but don’t underestimate the toll this can take. If location is the most important consideration for you unfortunately this scheme isn’t the right one.

Pressure. Graduate schemes pack a lot in! There are many opportunities in the company, and part of the challenge is managing your time. You’ll be working with people from across the business, many in very senior positions, and you’ll be expected to work at a management level very quickly, tackling some challenging situations. Much of this pressure will come from yourself – we know you want to do well!

The company! What do you know about ATG already? Have you been to our theatres? What have you read about us online? Think about what kind of role and company you want to work in and whether we sound like the right company for you.