Year 1: Induction in London and Aylesbury, including core training courses & Personal License application 
  London Venue 1: Operations Basics - one month with Customer Experience
  London Venue 2: Leading a Team & Intro to Venue Management
  Central Teams Induction
  Finance, HR, Food & Beverage and Risk Intensives
  Group Project: you lead on business-critical tasks
Year 2: Year long role in a regional venue, working as part of the venue management team
  Responsibility for key projects contributing to your venue's business plan
  Supporting one full annual cycle in the venue, including financial and HR processes
  Additional core training courses such as IOSH Managing Safely
  Application for suitable roles as they arise during the last 6 months of the scheme
Throughout Coaching from a qualified member of staff
  Leadership & Management skills training programme

The first year of the scheme is based in London, with the second year in one of our regional venues. Our ideal candidate is open to working from any of our UK locations and is open to moving to where the best opportunity can be found. Please note this structure is indicative and frequently adapts as the needs of the business change.