Work Experience

How do you know if you want to work in theatre? Work experience is a great way to find out more about the industry and to see if it is for you. Every year we offer a range of opportunities across our venues and offices which will give you an insight into our work and help you decide.

Although the details do change depending on which theatre you are based in, our opportunities usually last for one week and give the opportunity to experience life with most of the departments in the venue. They are designed for students aged 14+.

ATG theatres are receiving houses, which means we host touring productions created by companies outside of the theatre itself. The teams in our theatres include:

  • Customer Experience – the team that looks after the audience during their visit
  • Food & Hospitality – many of our theatres provide dining or catering too
  • Technical – the team behind the scenes of the show
  • Marketing – making sure our local audiences know about our events and our tickets are sold
  • Box Office – supporting audiences to book the tickets they need
  • Creative Learning – providing opportunities for our local community to get involved in theatre too
  • Maintenance – ensuring our theatres are kept in great condition
  • Stage Door – managing the staff entrance to the building and keeping us safe
  • Administration – usually one person, supporting all admin work in the venue
  • Venue Management – leading the theatre teams and ensuring we work as a business

We don’t create the shows in our theatres, and so there’s a variety of departments we can’t provide a traditional work experience opportunity in. These include costume, set design, make-up, directing, writing or performance. If these are the areas you’re interested in, there are some links and ideas provided in our FAQs.

A Typical Week

A week’s work experience with us will usually include some time with most, if not all, of the venue teams. Please note that as we’re a theatre, work experience will usually involve being here out of office hours – as that’s what it is like if you work here! This is usually to shadow front of house staff at one of our events.

During your week with us we’ll also set you a project which will give you an insight into the overall work of the theatre and help you understand how we work as a company.

Alternative Work Experience

Our Stoke and London theatres provide an alternative to traditional work experience. In Stoke, the theatre accepts young people for two weeks during the summer holidays to work on a performance, and in London, the Work in Theatre course gives a broad insight into the slightly different workings of a West End venue. These opportunities will also be advertised on this site alongside our other work experience programmes.

How to apply

Each of our work experience opportunities will be advertised on this website as a vacancy, and you can apply in the same way as you might apply for any other job. If you’re interested to get an update when we advertise a work experience opportunity please sign up for our job alerts.

Read through the FAQs here and make sure it is something you’d like to do. Then, go ahead and register on this site to apply. You can see current opportunities open for you to apply in our Job Search section.

If you are under 16 you’ll need a parent or guardian’s permission to register – this is easy to do and is part of the application form. This is because of data protection rules which mean we must be extra careful when storing your information.

Once your application has been received it will be read by the theatre team. They’ll score your application and decide who to invite to an interview (which is called ‘shortlisting’.) You’ll receive a message from us letting you know either way as soon as a decision has been made.

If you are invited to an interview, it will be with members of our theatre team who will ask you some questions about yourself, your interest in work experience with us and what you’re hoping to get out of it. There’s nothing to worry about – the team are friendly and there’s no trick questions!


Q. Who is work experience for?

These opportunities have been designed for school students in Year 10 or above who are required to take on a work experience opportunity. If you are at university you may be interested in our university placements information instead. At present we don’t offer any coordinated work experience or career changer programmes for adults, but if you have a query about this please contact our HR team.

Q. Do you have any volunteering opportunities?

As we are a commercial organization we don’t offer volunteering opportunities. We hope you’d be interested in some of our work opportunities which you can find by using our Job Search. Alternatively we can recommend or Reach to find volunteering opportunities in your area.

Q. Are you able to host my work experience for more than one week?

If you are still at school we are not able to host you for more than one week. This is so that we can ensure as many people as possible get an opportunity to take part, as we receive more applications than we can host.

Q. There isn’t a vacancy advertised at the time I wanted, or in the theatre near me.

Unfortunately this means we’re not able to offer an opportunity at that time, or in that particular venue. If you can, please take a look at our other theatres, or the links below for some other organisations you could contact.

Q. Are there any jobs I could do at the theatre instead of or after work experience?

Yes, although for most of our roles you must be aged 18+. This is because they either involve dangerous or lone working (such as technical roles) or serving alcohol (in the front of house team). Why not sign up for our job alerts? You can choose the jobs you’re interested in and you’ll be emailed when we’re advertising.

Q. Are you able to guarantee a work experience place if I apply early enough?

No. We advertise our opportunities and try to encourage as wide a group of people as possible to apply for them, from a range of different schools and so we advertise our opportunities with deadlines to apply. We will advertise all our opportunities openly and give people the same chance in order to be fair.

Q. I have a disability – can I still apply?

Of course! When you apply, if you are selected for interview you’ll be asked to tell us if you have any access requirements. If you are offered a place we’ll work with you to ensure you can take part. Some of our theatres or activities do have restricted physical access which we can discuss with you if required.

Q. Can I apply for a place on behalf of my child?

Usually no – we encourage the person wanting to do the work experience to apply themselves as this is part of the experience. However, if your child is unable to apply directly please let us know in the application form.

Q. Can you provide an update on when I’ll hear back about my application?

The dates will be published as part of the advert for the opportunity. Unfortunately we’re not able to advise each person individually as we receive so many applications, but we will definitely get back to you by email when we have made a decision.

Q. Are there other places I can do work experience in theatre?

Yes. Most theatres and some touring companies offer work experience. We’d encourage you to look at smaller theatres as well as larger ones and touring companies near you too. Remember too that if you can’t do your work experience in a theatre, that’s OK! There are a lot of other relevant opportunities out there including hospitality, cinema, finance, education, technology, sales, technical or maintenance skills such as electrics and more.

Q. Do you offer work experience in your London or Woking office?

At present we don’t, but we are planning to in the near future. To stay in touch, please sign up for job alerts and tick the ‘work experience’ option. We’ll email you with any opportunities in your area.