Each of our work experience opportunities will be advertised on this website as a vacancy, and you can apply in the same way as you might apply for any other job. If you’re interested to get an update when we advertise a work experience opportunity please sign up for our job alerts.

Read through the FAQs here and make sure it is something you’d like to do. Then, go ahead and register on this site to apply. You can see current opportunities open for you to apply in our Job Search section.

If you are under 16 you’ll need a parent or guardian’s permission to register – this is easy to do and is part of the application form. This is because of data protection rules which mean we must be extra careful when storing your information.

Once your application has been received it will be read by the theatre team. They’ll score your application and decide who to invite to an interview (which is called ‘shortlisting’.) You’ll receive a message from us letting you know either way as soon as a decision has been made.

If you are invited to an interview, it will be with members of our theatre team who will ask you some questions about yourself, your interest in work experience with us and what you’re hoping to get out of it. There’s nothing to worry about – the team are friendly and there’s no trick questions!